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Masum's Blog

Masum's Blog




I wish I could hold you when you wanted me to,

I wish I could shield you from all the darkness too.

I wish I could be there when I wanted to,

I wish I could fill you with happiness, and live up to.

When all the worries come and surround you,

I wish I could be there to save you.

Even though I am far away and can’t be with you,

remember that I will always love you.


You are sweet you are lovely

and you are divine,

I wish if only I could

make you mine.


But I know that a free bird

should never be caged,

But don’t forget the tree where

once you landed.


You are the ocean and you are the stream,

you have become the Queen of my dream.


I know I have no control

in this matter,

I wish we could be together

in the hereafter.

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