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Masum's Blog

Masum's Blog


I Love You


I love you. You came to me when life seemed meaningless, you gave a new meaning to my life. You came to me when life had no purpose, you gave a purpose to my life. You came to me when I was so alone, you gave me company. You came to me when life was empty, you filled it with love. You were my precious jewel. Now you're gone. My life is empty again, meaningless and without any purpose. Tears come out due to the pain even when I don't want to cry. The emotions are so bottled up, I feel my chest is gonna explode. I wanna scream. But I can't. My throat is blocked. I try to act like I'm ok, but I'm not. It is like a chain reaction that's burning inside me, eating me from inside. Everyday I have to fight it just to go through the day. Life has become difficult. I wish you were here. I wish you were with me. How much I desire to hear your voice again. I miss you. I love you.

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